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Wrap it up. The popularity of car wrapping will continue in 2018.

What car wrapping trends can we expect to see in the coming year? What is on trend and what isn’t? viscom news asked and Dirk Möbes, car wrapping expert and the organiser of European Wrap Star, answered:

“It’s encouraging to see that the quality of the foils is getting better and better. On the one hand this is down to the material manufacturers, and on the other the wrappers are becoming increasingly professional. There has been a real boost to the quality here, which has been achieved through an increasing offer of training courses and certifications. And the work by GEWA, the independent association that represents the interests of the car wrapping trade, is maintaining this high level. We are delighted that the level of the European Wrap Star is also meanwhile extremely high. For example, the cars we borrow to be wrapped as part of the competition at viscom, are going back to the car dealers without any cause for complaint.

Customer demands are now also higher because they meanwhile know what is possible. There are still cheap suppliers out there, but they no longer stand a very good chance against the competitors. Quality and therefore also a higher price are becoming more widely accepted – something that will no doubt continue in the coming year.

I believe that in terms of car wrapping in 2018, we will be seeing a material trend for multicolours, in which different colour change films can be combined on one vehicle. Flip-flop foils are, for me, just a fleeting trend.”

Many thanks to Dirk Möbes (European Wrap Star, MR Clipart) for these predictions.

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