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viscom news asks: What does the future hold for large-format printing in interior design?

Large-format digital printing offers so many possibilities for the individual design of rooms. What trends can we expect to see in the coming year?

“The magic word here is “individuality”. These days it’s no longer a problem to produce one of something. What used to be associated with high costs and a lot of time and effort is now possible in a much simpler way and of a very high quality – with a profitability that was not previously possible.

We are all aware of the power of print and know that it is proving its worth in different forms in a wide variety of industries – from the initial design down to the final production. Many people are already using print in a way that can be transferred to a lot of other materials. The possibilities are therefore virtually endless.

It is down to the service providers to offer a unique, individual product. The trend for decorating rooms in an individual and thematic way will therefore further intensify in 2018. Digital printing solutions fulfil this demand perfectly and there will be increasing numbers of more versatile and impressive projects here, which will inspire us in large formats and the most diverse media.”

Many thanks to Wilko van Oostrum, Channel Business Developer at Canon Germany for this glimpse into the future.

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