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Caroline_ZoellerCaroline Zöller, managing director of the Forteam communication agency (Cologne), has been providing consultation on the overall design and running of the supporting programme for the viscom since 2008. The “Customised Design Forum”, “Inkjet meets Materials” formats and the “From pixel to product” campaign have all been developed under her supervision. She has a great deal of experience in the fields of production and processing and offers advice on the topics of customised design and digital printing. In the viscomblog her main responsibility lies in research and the selection of topics and contacts in the area of customised design.
Jochen_VossJochen Voss, is a freelance journalist, writer and concept developer who takes care of the journalistic aspects of the viscomblog. The main elements of his work are the development and implementation of editorial ideas. In recent years his activities have included authoring various specialist and mass circulation publications. Between 2006 and 2010 he played a major role in designing the media magazine – a specialist service for the TV industry. At viscomblog he is taking care of overall conceptual matters and also the selection and presentation of individual topics.

Isabel_KuhlDr. Isabel Kuhl is a freelance writer and editor. Her topics include art and design as well as retail and brand communication. She has worked for various publishers and regularly publishes articles in journals and books on art and architecture. Isabel Kuhl joins the team from viscomblog with a particular focus on object and interior design.

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