Quality and sustainability. There’s a lot going on in the world of textile printing and finishing.

We asked Stefan Roller-Aßfalg, textile expert and head of the Academy of Textile Finishing, about the textile trends we can expect to see in the coming year:

“Not one, but many trends are expected for 2018. Sustainably produced textiles are already being processed more frequently and there is a definite increase in the demand for textiles that are fairly produced. And this will continue in 2018. Thankfully people are changing their way of thinking, moving in favour of fair production. There is a trend for higher quality products made at local markets. “Made in Germany” or “Made in Europe” are increasingly leading the way here.

And there are also developments in the process chain: more often, the production, from the buying to the finishing down to the logistics, is being completely taken over and managed from one source, also by smaller companies. Innovative IT solutions are supporting the processes here. There is also an intelligent combination of merchandise management systems and finishing technologies with shop solutions and mass customisation concepts that assist service providers, even with small and individual orders, quickly and in a customer-friendly way. We’ll also be seeing and hearing more about these soon.”

Many thanks to Stefan Roller-Aßfalg for these insights.

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