POS display: A dynamic development in sales promotion in bricks-and-mortar retail.

What trends can we expect to see for goods presentation at the point of sale? Simon Dietzen, editor-in-chief of trade journal display and managing director of display Verlags GmbH is painting a clear picture of the coming year:

“The field of communication, sales promotion and goods presentation at POS is currently developing at a rapid pace. New technologies, such as digital printing, are enabling promotions and secondary placements in small quantities with a regional touch. Trade marketers can better adapt their POS campaigns to regional distinctions or channel-specific requirements. And the general topic of digitalisation will also be influencing POS in the near future. Smartphones, digital channels and social media are opening up direct communication between shoppers and brand-name manufacturers, also at stationary POS without retailers as the middleman.

Another trend: While the seamless tracking of the customer journey was a domain of the online channels up to now – keyword: cookies – thanks to beacons and other sensors in displays and sales units, the customer journey is becoming increasingly transparent and easy to analyse on the stationary shop floor – both for brand-name manufacturers as well as retailers. The technical requirements for linking offline and online data are well known. It will be exciting to see how shoppers react and how both established and new players will make use of these new possibilities.”

Many thanks to Simon Dietzen for his predictions.

Current input and lots of inspiring displays can be found at the renowned “display Superstar Award”. And you will find this year’s 96 submissions and all winners of the individual categories here.

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