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Smooth or structured, that is the question!

PVC hard foam sheets are extremely popular among advertising technicians. They are wonderful for printing on and easy to cut and process. And they can be used in a variety of different ways, ranging from a simple sign to a complex shop design.

viscom-News talked to Maureen Qazi, Sales Manager at manufacturer Ex-cel Plastics Limited, about innovations and the current uses of this perennial favourite in visual communication.

The offer of hard foam sheets ranges from smooth to structured. Which surfaces and structures are currently proving popular?
“It’s mainly the foam sheets with smooth surfaces at the moment. They are ideal for printing on and the print image on them is incredibly clear, which makes them very popular.”

Large-format printing and advertising technology applications are becoming increasingly important in interior design. What significance does your material have here and where is it mostly used?
“Here it’s the structured surfaces that are mostly being used. Our new product, the PVC foam sheet with wood-look embossing, can be put to use in many interesting ways – for building bars, for example.”

What’s next? Can you tell us a bit about future trends?
“Both smooth and structured surfaces will be used in the future. Thanks to the materials, there are no limits to your creativity and, in my opinion, it’s the imaginative and innovative way people are using them that is setting the trends here.”

And what about you? Do you prefer smooth or structured sheets? See the different surfaces for yourself at the Ex-cel Plastics booth at viscom in hall 14, booth C34 and make your own mind up.

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