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The brand at the POS: Loud and flashy is not enough.

These days brands are having to overcome complex challenges to ensure they stay in their customers’ “relevant set” or gain entry to it. And this is expected to continue in the future. Packaging that screams out at the customer, opulent secondary placements or fashionable promotion campaigns might attract attention, but they are soon forgotten. The brand and product quickly disappear again among the many other offers out there. But brands that want to make their mark and win their customers’ favour in the long term will need to do more.

viscom news asked Ute von Buch, publisher of trade journal creativ verpacken how, in her opinion, brands should prepare themselves for 2018.

“Positioned somewhere between a brand and product, brands need to boost their emotional appeal more than ever before. For this to happen, their corporate and brand strategies must form a consistent whole. Brand strengthening measures and courage will ensure they are well equipped for whatever the future holds. This will preserve the appeal of the brand, even once the passionate founding generation is long gone.”

Many thanks to Ute von Buch for this statement.

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