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Retail is turning digital. What is happening with the digital transformation at the point of sale?

Digitalisation is a topic that’s on everyone’s lips. And it’s a subject that is affecting retailers and brands in particular. In order to accompany their customers in the buying process, they are presenting increasingly sophisticated solutions at the point of sale and in multichannel communication.

The viscom news editorial team got the lowdown on how the trend for digitalisation at the POS is developing.

“These days, customers are no longer differentiating between online and offline channels. They just buy what they need where it best suits them. So in the future it will be even more important for retailers to use all touchpoints. For bricks-and-mortar retail, that means, for example, combining digital applications in the store with online purchasing and information elements in order to perfectly meet the needs of the customers.

Another trend emerging for 2018 is the increased use of analytical tools to collect and evaluate customer data in a targeted way. The aim will be to use this personal data to accompany buyers on their customer journey in a way that is tailored exactly to them. Anyone who wants to achieve this will need good concepts and intuition, especially in Germany.”

Thanks to Matthias Hofmann, Area Sales Manager DACH at Scala B.V. for these insights.

Image: The Retail Academy, Cologne

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