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    WHAT MOVES THE SECTOR: Sensuousness and the new demand for the haptic

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    The world is digital. All media products can be converted into zeros and ones. The number of smartphones and tablets is steadily rising – as is mobile Internet access. Just about every smartphone these days is equipped with a high-resolution camera, and dynamic signage applications can turn old billboards into dynamic media events. Despite, or [&hellip...

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    Selfies on an oversized pin screen

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    At all times in the history of mankind, portraits have played an important role. Emperors and kings used to have themselves painted or portrayed in bronze statues, and monuments such as Mount Rushmore with the portraits of American presidents chiselled from the rock achieved Wonder of the World status. A modern monument, celebrating man as [&hellip...

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    MOVING THE SECTOR: Which are the new business areas?

    Aug 31 • The world of communication is changing. The digitisation of all areas of work is giving rise to new processes and methods. But many elements in the process chain are changing, too. New products are becoming possible, and customers are entering the shops and project meetings with new demands. The changes are also bringing about breakthroughs [&hellip...

  • Attractively wrapped drinking water

    Wooden water tanks represent a typical feature of the New York skyline alongside the silhouettes of skyscrapers. There are roughly 17,000 of these characteristically pointed barrels on the Manhattan rooftops. This summer the water tanks will be playing a major role in a project aimed at drawing attention to clean drinking water for the whole [&hellip...

  • Wearables: Wearable packaging as jewellery

    Wearables – technology to be worn on the body – are quite clearly a trend for the years to come. Why not extend it to packaging? The French company OBO currently concentrates on developing a scent container that doubles as a piece of jewellery to be worn on a necklace or bracelet. OBO stands for [&hellip...

  • Packaging seduces with internal and external qualities

    Even a lunch box can be a thing of beauty, as Swedish designer Gutav Karlsson proved with his design for Kino, a vegetarian restaurant in Gothenburg that also features a bar and a cinema. For the launch of Kino’s take-away line, the designer was asked to design carrier boxes to go with the look of [&hellip...

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